Candle Care

Candle can bring comfort, memories and relaxation. However, when left unattended or with improper care, they can be dangerous. By following these simple steps, you could prolong your candle's life and practice safe burning.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Candle

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Common Candle Problems & Solutions


What Is It

The wax forms a tunnel down the middle of your candle leaving unmelted wax around the edges.


  1. Wrap aluminium foil around the edges of the jar

  2. Leave a hole in the middle

  3. Burn the candle as normal

  4. After some time (this can be between 10minutes - 2 hours depending on your candle), the wax should even out


What Is It

A pool of oil or wet spots on top of your wax


  1. Soy wax are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures and its natural oil can separate

  2. Wipe excess oil off with a paper towel