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Start Your Journey

Finding your travel candle is like planning a holiday, but way simpler.

You holiday doesn't have to end when you're back

Remember coming home after a great holiday?

You tell all your friends about it.

You post photos on your social like you're still there

You wish you could go right back.

What if you could actually bring it back with you?

Scents have a strong relationship to memories.

Extend your holiday and relive it from your sofa. 


Selecting a scent can be overwhelming. Embark on a personal journey and let us connect you to your signature scent by matching a scent to your personality. 

wanderlust scents candles


Candles are delivered directly to you by post so that you don't have to travel a mile to start your holiday. When it arrives, just sit back, light it up and escape.


Reminisce and share your travels via word of mouth and social media. Join our community, there are so many things to get involved in- moulding the next scent, giveaways, exclusive discounts and more!

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