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Vegan friendly

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Ethically sourced

We want your home to be a toxin-free zone, which is why we are conscious of the ingredients we use.

Each candle is made of natural essential oils, eco-friendly ingredients and are all cruelty free.



[Rev - yure]

(n.) Inspired by the French word "rêveur" which means dreamer

We provide travel escape by interpreting the memories, emotions and characteristics of dream destinations into candles.

We are travellers propelled by the aspirations we have as explorers- to discover and dream of a world where everyone belongs. 

Who we are

Discover your signature scent

"We are just like you...

but with a long bucket list"

By capturing the essence of a place, it acts as a funnel of that sense of adventure, discovery and belonging. We aim to take a step further into a borderless world where the characteristics and atmosphere of the place can be enjoyed, everywhere. 

Why we do what we do


"Imagine a world without borders,

where you can be somewhere, from anywhere"

"During Covid-19, travel restrictions came into play which meant putting a pause on travelling. I had no idea how long it was going to last and for someone who travelled so frequently, it was almost like a lost of identity. That sense of adventure and discovery that I've always loved was now missing.

I remember closing my eyes trying to picture a place and two things came to mind- sight and smell. Pictures capture what we see but scents have a way of letting us relive how we felt.

That was when I started diving into the study of relationship between scent and memories and voila, Revure was born."


"Travelling was a part of who I am, 

I didn't know how to fill that void..."

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